Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Rompers and Filmstars

Its been a verrrry busy week here at teacupfaery central. I have spent most of it working out how to make tiny rompers for the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. A few new updates added to my etsy shop. More rompers to come very soon, as soon as I get around to finishing them.

I am very excited to be featured in the "This is Blythe" Fan Spotlight this month. Read my interview here...

I have also been lucky enough to have my photo of a skull in Liverpool World Museum published in the new Schmap! Liverpool guiode. Squeee!

On Sunday I got to be an extra in a short film written by my friend Andy. "Its a Pleasure" will be screening in Liverpool on July 20th (I think). I can't wait to see it. Spent the whole day in the Brian Epstein house in Anfield in a corset in the baking heat. Quite exhausting this film making malarky. It took SEVEN make-up removing pads to get the foundation off my face. Anyway... pictures of that incident to be found here...

It truely has been a hectic week. I need to fill in my student loan forms now. Then more romper sewings.

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