Saturday, 26 September 2009

Thank you for a fantastic day!

It was my birthday today, and Dan and I took the Blythe girls to Birmingham for a meet up with lots of fantastic dolly friends. Had a really brilliant day. Posting a couple of my favourite shots here, lots more being added to my flickr. I'm having my birthday drink of rum and dr. pepper now while sorting them out.

The lovely Persephone, my Veronica Lace. A birthday present from my Dad.

Jellybean, in her perfect outfit. A BigSmudge helmet and fantastic Eurotrash dress which Dan bought for me, all by himself. Loves :)

Beatrix Von Battenburg, in her favorite Eurotrash number.

We had Wagamama dinner (yummy chicken katsu) and fancy cheesecake (for me, and banoffi pie for Dan) in Selfridges for tea. And we bought some new shoes, boots, stockings and glasses from Blythe Desires. Lovely day all round.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

News from the frog pond

Hamish is a small tartan frog thing that I found in a charity shop years and years ago. On a recent trip to Cheltenham, I found another! Again, in a charity shop jumble basket. This time a black and floral chintz frog, still with her Liberty of London tags. I brought her home and introduced her to Hamish, and now they are a very happy couple.

Tree Frogs

Flora and Hamish

Hamish is particularly delighted about my honors project. I will soon start work researching the factors affecting the ability of a certain fly species to colonise buried remains. For this, I will be in charge of my very own fly culture. Hamish may help me in my work, but he must not eat my flies!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

September... birthday season, and the busiest month of my year

Hello! Firstly, I appologise for being a bit behind on my etsy updates. I have LOTS of plans, LOTS of yarn and fabric, but no time at all right now. I am working on that batch of cake cardigans today though, and will at them to my shop tonight. There will be at least four, and hopefully a few more bits in drips and drops over the end of this week. Photos will be published on my flickr when they are ready :)

It was my lovely man fellow's birthday on Monday, he's working full time at the moment, so celebrations are needed this weekend. Its also Moki's birhday on the 19th (I've not forgotten) and mine on the 26th, teehee. I was naughty and bought myself a new dolly yesterday, a lime green haired Ms. Retro Mama Blythe, customised by the lovely Lisa_Ann*. She's on her way now, I can't wait to meet her. I am secretly assembling a Blythe rainbow :)

I have three very nice new flatmates since the weekend, they seem to be fitting in nicely, and one of them is actually from my home town in Ireland. Squeee!

Right now I am getting very excited about the Birmingham Blythe meet, it looks set to be a fantastic day with lots of lovely people and dollies. New girl has left me with a dilemma though... I no longer know who to bring. My Blythe case only holds four and four is really all I can manage. But I am definately bringing my Goldie (Katie-Jane) and KB Beatrix.

Right, back to works. Coffee a-gogo :)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Holiday Update...

I am back at work in the Atlantic Point emporium now, and in university again from Monday, so I've decided to release my Winter Holiday ideas now, before I run out of time. I didn't want to do anything overly 'Christmassy', no red-green domination. Instead I wanted to create a snow white, ice blue and candy coloured collection. 'Nutcracker... Land of Sweets' comes to min. So we have Candy Fluff cardigans and helmets for 'cakes and blythes, winter animal printed cotton party dresses, lots of pompom trim, and very special textured cotton bloomers shot through with silver.

Candy Fluff Blythe Cadigan with Ruffle Bloomers

Flump Cardigan and Flump Helmet for Strawberry Shortcake

Snowfall dress for Blythe, with very special beading detail

Sugar Almond Dress for Blythe

I may add a few more 'cake cardigans over the weekend, most likely Sunday night as I'm working all weekend. Photos will be added to my flickr whenever anything is ready to go. Enjoy :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Just a leetle update...

Three new Strawberry Shortcake dresses hitting my etsy store at 6pm GMT.

This will be the last update for a while, I'm working on some Blythe dresses and extra special bloomers for next week.

Friday, 4 September 2009

I'm back!

First and foremost, I have just done a long awaited etsy update....

Candy Fluff Helmet

Candy Helmet and Cardigan

Damson Dress and Helmet set

Flora Dress and Helmet set

I had a wonderful weekend at Dan's parents. I still have about 270 photos to sort out. Alton Towers was definately worth the trip, amazing day there on Tuesday. Though I did slip on some mossy steps in the gardens area and hurt my anke. Still limping today :(

I am hoping to have a few more 'cake bits and bobs ready tomorrow night. I apologise for the awful photos on some of my listings this week, my computer is being temporamental and attempting to sabottage me. I will replace them as soon as I can.