Wednesday, 16 September 2009

September... birthday season, and the busiest month of my year

Hello! Firstly, I appologise for being a bit behind on my etsy updates. I have LOTS of plans, LOTS of yarn and fabric, but no time at all right now. I am working on that batch of cake cardigans today though, and will at them to my shop tonight. There will be at least four, and hopefully a few more bits in drips and drops over the end of this week. Photos will be published on my flickr when they are ready :)

It was my lovely man fellow's birthday on Monday, he's working full time at the moment, so celebrations are needed this weekend. Its also Moki's birhday on the 19th (I've not forgotten) and mine on the 26th, teehee. I was naughty and bought myself a new dolly yesterday, a lime green haired Ms. Retro Mama Blythe, customised by the lovely Lisa_Ann*. She's on her way now, I can't wait to meet her. I am secretly assembling a Blythe rainbow :)

I have three very nice new flatmates since the weekend, they seem to be fitting in nicely, and one of them is actually from my home town in Ireland. Squeee!

Right now I am getting very excited about the Birmingham Blythe meet, it looks set to be a fantastic day with lots of lovely people and dollies. New girl has left me with a dilemma though... I no longer know who to bring. My Blythe case only holds four and four is really all I can manage. But I am definately bringing my Goldie (Katie-Jane) and KB Beatrix.

Right, back to works. Coffee a-gogo :)

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