Thursday, 8 October 2009

Arg! Decisions!

In a bit of a pickle at the minute. I am still buried under a pile of paperwork trying to finalise my research project. I am alternating between working on my plan outline (due in next Friday at the latest) and making dolly clothes. I much prefer the later :)

On that note, there will be an update of some sort on etsy this Sunday nighttime GMT, probably about 8pm. There will definately be tights in all the colours avalible, and hopefully a sprinkling of dresses and maybe more. I'm thinking hats and scarfs at the moment. Brrrr!

I recived a fantastic bundle of new fabrics yesterday, looking forward to trying them out. There are lots more in the post too!

Which brings me to a decision I'm currently having trouble with. Yes, its dolly related. And I've been driving Dan mad with it. I want a redhaired sidepart Kenner Bythe, but... I still want Baby's Breath. Do I buy her now, thus blowing my KB savings? Or keep going for my redhead, in the knowledge that when I get back to BaBr she will most certainly be much more expensive. I just don't know what to do!

I actually had this exact situation with Doronjo when she came out, and that's why I bought my first KB, for a fair bit less that Doronjo.

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