Monday, 17 August 2009

Mallory, Fluggs, and 'cake dresses

A few new Strawberry Shortcake sets in my shop this week. This will be the last 'cake lot for a while as I want to work on sewing for Blythe, including a few projects for my own girls. There are some exciting party dresses in my sewing pile tonight.

Elder Flower Dress and Helmet set.

While on the Blythe front ...

Bea wants to thank Fliss for her new Fluggs. These boots are beautiful and, very importantly, easy to pull up on Bea's broken knee.

Mallory, my only mohair Blythe, has returned from my dolly lab. Her hairs been washed, conditioned, brushed (!), and thatched. It looks great now :) Her eyelids have been fixed (thanks Dan!), a few chips rearranged, and new lashes.

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