Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Productive day!

I've been working on some dresses for the Blythe clan today. I love the octopus and seahorse fabric more than is reasonable. I need to hunt it down in hot pink. The kitchen bear fabric is great too, not entirely sure what the dress will turn out like yet.

I posted my This Is Blythe quilt panel off to Gina today. Its evolved a lot ince I started work on it. My sewings tend to do that. The very last of the Alice in Wonderland fabric is in this panel too. I like knowing I've used every scrap to the best of its ability.

I have lots of exciting dolly post on its way. Most excitingly, my Veronica Lace Blythe, a birthday gift from my Dad (he might not know about her yet, but he did buy her for me, he doesn't understand internets or dolls). I can't wait to meet her. I'm also awaiting some lovely clothes and a parcel of exciting fabrics. Squeee! And, ahem, four more Strawberry Shortcakes. And a Pie Man for Dan. The post box won't know whats hit it :)

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